What We Do

Article 2 of the Constitution of the International Association of Prosecutors establishes that associations of prosecutors are eligible for membership in the IAP.  There are currently 45 such members of the IAP, representing thousands of prosecutors. These associations often differ in their structures and aims, but all are committed to the objectives of the IAP, as provided in its Constitution, and particularly the following: 

“IAP Constitution ARTICLE 1.

  1.3 The objects of the Association are

g) to promote the professional interests of prosecutors and to enhance recognition of their crucial role in achieving criminal justice;

h) to promote good relations between individual prosecutors and prosecution agencies;

i) to facilitate the exchange and dissemination among them of information, expertise and experience; and, to that end, to encourage the use of information technology; “

Associations of Prosecutors, however, have an additional and important ‘watch-dog’ role in monitoring and enhancing the working conditions of prosecutors to ensure they are able to perform with integrity their vital role in just societies. Prosecutors require adequate compensation, on-going training and education, and an environment in which they can work with independence and without fear of threats to safety and security.  Associations of Prosecutors aim to protect and advance all of these professional goals.