About the Forum for Associations of Prosecutors

The Forum for Associations of Prosecutors (FAP) was established as a collective platform for associations of prosecutors working under the IAP umbrella.  FAP holds regular meetings of Prosecutors Associations (the Global Forum for Prosecutors Associations) and runs a web-based forum to facilitate the exchange of ideas about evolving best practices and to establish a library of basic documents and other materials. FAP's aim is to provide a readily accessible means through which member associations can assist each other in their work. We are further committed to assisting prosecutors who are interested in establishing their own associations.

A committee has been established to oversee the development of content of the website.  The FAP Committee is as follows:

Agnes Diofasi – Senator of the IAP, Hungarian Association of Prosecutors

Wendy Stephen – Senator of the IAP, Canadian Association of Crown Counsel

Marina Matic Boskovic – Serbian Association of Prosecutors

Kate Matthews - Canadian Association of Crown Counsel

Amy Curren – National Association of Attorneys General (US)

Sasae Walter – Pacific Island Law Officer’s Network

David Jardine – British Columbia Crown Counsel Association (CA)