2021 Nominations for Executive Committee

For 2021, there are five Vice-President vacancies and six ordinary  membership vacancies on the Executive Committee. Nominations for the election of Vice-Presidents and ordinary members are made by either the Executive Committee in accordance with articles 11.3 and 8.6 of the Constitution, or by organisational or individual members in accordance with articles 11.3 and 8.6 A of the  Constution. 

The membership of the Executive Committee shall reflect, as far as reasonably possible, the regions of the world in which theh Association is represented.

The Executive Committee nominations of candidates for Vice-Presidents of the Executive Committee

  • Kamran Aliyev, Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan (Eastern Europe and Central Asia)
  • Josip Cule, Deputy Prosecutor General of Croatia (Europe and Eastern Europe)
  • Juan Bautista Mahiques, Prosecutor General of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina (Latin America)
  • Mohammed Hassan Abdul Rahim, Senior Advocate General, Dubai, UAE (Middle East and North Africa)

Unfortunately, a candidate for Vice-President for the Asian and Pacific region was not available. 

The Executive Committee nominations for ordinary members of the Executive Committee.

Region: African and Indian Ocean

  • Jane Frances Abodo, Director of Public Prosecutions, Uganda

Region: Europe

  • Pernille Breinholdt Mikkelsen, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Denmark
  • Max Hill, Director of Public Prosecutions, England & Wales, UK

Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia

  • Giorgi Gogadze, National Member of Eurojust for Georgia (second term)

Region: Middle East and Northern Africa

  • Nayef Yusuf Mahmood, Senior Advocate General, Bahrain (second term)

Region: Asia and Pacific

  • Jianming Tong, First Deputy Prosecutor General, Peoples Republic of China