Record of nominations under article 8.6 of the IAP Constitution

On behalf of the Executive Committee we are pleased to announce the candidates agreed by the Executive Committee to be nominated for election to the Executive Committee during the 24th General Meeting of the International Association of Prosecutors on 18 September 2019, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Candidate for President:

  • Cheol-Kyu Hwang, Chief Prosecutor Busan High Prosecutor's Office, Korea

Candidates for Vice-Presidents 

  • Lloyd Babb, Director of Public Prosecutions, NSW, Australia (Asia and Pacific Region)
  • Satyajit Boolell, Director of Public Prosecutions, Mauritius (African and Indian Ocean Region)
  • Serge Brammertz, Prosecutor of MICT (West European Region)
  • Luis Cevasco, Prosecutor General of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, Argentina (Latin American Region)

Candidates for Ordinary Membership

Africa and Indian Ocean:

  • Jean-Fils Ntamack, Cameroon (2nd. term)
  • Mike Chibita, Director of Public Prosecutions, Uganda (1st term)
  • Mary Kachale, Director of Public Prosecutions, Malawi (1st term)

Asia and Pacific:

  • Qiu Xuequiang, Deputy Prosecutor General, People's Republic of China (1st term)
  • Khemchai Chutiwongse, Attorney General, Thailand (1st term)

Eastern Europe and Central Asia

  • Vladimir Zimin, Senior Assistant of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation for Special Tasks


  • Claire Loftus, Director of Public Prosecutions, Ireland (2nd term)
  • Nick Price, Chief Crown Prosecutor, CPS, England and Wales (1st term)
  • Rasmus Kieffer-Kristensen, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Denmark (1st term)
  • Paris Adamis, National Member of Eurojust for Greece (1st term)

Latin American

  • Jorge Abbott, Prosecutor General of Chile (1st term)

North America and Caribbean

  • Kathleen Roussel, Director of Public Prosecutions, Canada (2nd term)