IAP Awards 2021 - St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Special Achievement Award

The Special Achievement Award is given to a prosecutor, whether a member of the IAP or not, who has demonstrated special dedication in the pursuit of his/her professional responsibilities, or who has discharged his/her professional responsibilities in the face of special hardship or adversity or under other circumstances which deserve special recognition.

In 2021 the IAP Special Achievement Awards were presented to:

  • David Michael Go from the Philippines, in recognition of his work related to the investigation and prosecution of crimes involving the abuse of children, particularly online exploitation (full citation).
  • The Office of the Federal Prosecutor of Belgium, in recognition of the Office of the Federal Prosecutor of Belgium's succesful genoicide prosecution under Belgium's universal jurisdiction law (full citation).
  • Daniel Strong from the United States of America, in recognition of his work in the largest human smuggling case in his state's history (full citation).
  • Money Laundering Team from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in recognition of the Money Laundering Team's work in improving the recovery of the proceeds of money laundering, and their work on improving the skillset of prosecutors in this important area of law (full citation).