2016 Dublin, Ireland

Special Achievement Award

The IAP Special Achievement Award has been presented to following:

  • The Anti-Terrorist section of the office of the prosecutors in Paris / the Paris Prosecution Team, In recognition of the courage, tenacity and dedication of the team, under the direction of François Molins, Chief Prosecutor, and in particular Véronique Degermann, Deputy Chief Prosecutor and Camille Hennetier, Head of the Anti-Terrorist Section. Who, since 2015 have prosecuted several terrorist attacks which left 238 dead and over  850 wounded. The action by the anti-terrorist team, who led the investigations, enabled the arrest of most members of the terrorist rings involved in the attacks and prevented, through the dismantling of dozens of jihadist networks, a significant number of future attacks. Their achievements underline the leading role of the prosecution service in the fight against crime and has raised the public profile of the Prosecutor of Paris and his team as leaders in the fight against terrorism.

Prosecutor of the Year Award

The Two candidates that meets the criteria established in the IAP Awards Protocol are:

  • The GEWELD-CASE TEAM of South Africa, consisting of Advocate Willem Viljoen, Advocate Cahterine Breytenbach and Advocate Christiaan de Jongh
  • The SPECIAL INVESTIGATION UNIT of the Public Prosecution Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based in Riyadh, consisting of Waleed Abdulla B Alhassan, Essa Ahmed Y Alnami, Hamad Mohammed S Albahli, Bandar Ali N Alkathiri, Mosleh Khalid F Alanazi, Bandar Alhamidi M Almutairi, Mubarak Abdullah M Almani, Abdullah Abdulaziz I Aldakhil, Anas Abdulrahman A Almasri, Khalid Hussain Farraj Alhaqbani, Saud Abdullah Albeshr, Mushabab Saad M Alshahrani.

Certificates of Merit

The IAP Certificate of Merit is awarded as an expression of the Association’s gratitude to members of the IAP (individual or organisational) for their pursuit of the Objects of the Association. Certificates of Merit can also be awarded to non IAP members as an expression of the Association’s gratitude for supporting the association.

  • Agnes Diofási, Trakul Winitnaiyapak, Brian Saunders, William J. Downer, Raija Toiviainen (Vice-President), and Basile Elombat (Vice-President); resigning members of the Executive Committee.
  • Office of the Attorney-General of Switzerland; for organizing and hosting the 20th IAP Annual Conference and General Meeting.
  • Military Prosecutions Association, the National Association of Attorneys (CONAMP), the Association of the Ministério Público of the State of Rio de Janeiro (AMPERJ) from Brazil; for organizing and hosting the 5TH IAP Latin American Regional Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation; for organizing and hosting the 7TH IAP Central and Eastern European and Central Asian Conference, Sochi, Russian Federation.
  • Office of the Prosecutor General of Finland; for organizing and hosting the IAP Executive Committee Spring Meeting in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Union of Magistrates of the Public Prosecution of Portugal; for organizing and hosting the 15th IAP Regional Conference and 2nd Global Forum in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Special Achievement Award was received by Chief Prosecutor François Molins, Véronique Degermann and Camille Hennetier (in her absence received by Mariel Garrigos, on her behalf)