2013 Moscow, Russian Federation

Medal of Honour 

  • Robert Morgenthau, for demonstrating, over a career of nearly 45 years, the integrity, fairness and professional ethics on which the IAP was founded, as well has Mr. Morgenthau's remarkable record of successful prosecutions, innovations in managing his office, and courage in taking on difficult cases without regard to partisan politics or special interest.

Honorary Membership

  • Oleksandr Skynalskyi, President of Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors
  • James Hamilton, Former Director of Public Prosecutions in Ireland and outgoing President of IAP

Special Achievement Award

  • The Russian West Baikal Interregional Environmental Prosecutors Office
  • The Office of the Prosecutor of International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, represented by Prosecutor Hassan B. Jallow
  • The Office of the Attorney-General of Republic of Brazil, represented by the Attorney General Roberto Gurgel

Prosecutor of the Year Award

  • Ms Ching-Wen KUO, Public Prosecutor, Taichung District Prosecutors Office, Chinese Taipei

Certificates of Merit

  • Retiring members of the Executive Committee; Richard Buteera (Uganda), Carlos Donoso Castex (Argentina), Michael Kennedy (England and Wales), Martin Herschorn (Canada), Stephen Pallaras (Australia) and Oleksandr Skynalskyi (Ukraine)
  • Office of the Attorney-General of Thailand for hosting the 17th Annual Conference and General Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, October 2012.
  • City of the Hague, for hosting the 13th IAP European Regional Conference, March 2013
  • French Ministry of Justice, for hosting the Northern Spring Meeting of the IAP Executive Committee in Paris, France, April 2013
  • Office of the Attorney General of Rhode Island and the National Association of Attorney Generals US, for hosting the 3rd IAP North American and Caribbean Regional Conference, Rhode Island, US, August 2013.