2012 Bangkok, Thailand

Honorary Membership

Birgitte Vestberg, Retired State Prosecutor, Danish Prosecution Service

Special Achievement Award

  • HRH, Princess Bajrakitiyabha Mahidol, in recognition of her Royal Highness's contribution as a champion of Human Rights and particularly Womans Rights in Thailand, Especially in the context of violence against women in which regard she can be considered a role model. Her election as Chair of the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice was an important signal about the central position of the prosecutor in the assertion of the Rule of Law.
  • Gerrie Nell, for his fierce pursuit of the vision of the National Prosecution Authority of South Africa's ideals to achieve justice in society, so that all can live in freedom and security, and guided by theConstitution his unending determination to ensure justice for the victimes of crime by prosecuting without fear, favour and prejudice that became apparent when he took the lead role in the prosecution o fthe previous National Commissioner of Police for South Africa, Jacob Sello Selebi. His conviction of charges of corruptiuon and sentence of 15 years imprisonment was largely due to Gerrie's committment to the principles of prosecutorial independence and integrity which he held to despite repeated obstacles over a period of more than 3 years.
  • Allan Dahl, in recognition of his work in Afghanistan where he has been working since 2009 in very difficult and dangerous circumstances when his life is often at risk and has won the respect  of both national and international personnel. He has worked tireless and enthusiastically to develop a resilient and effective Afghani justice system and throughour has remained passionate about his work and his vision for Afghanistan and its people.
  • The Office of the Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, for having attained a number of successful convictions which significantly contributed to the development of international jurisprudence and for having won a notable achievement in respect of the conviction of Charles Taylor, the first judgement agains a former Head of Stat in an internationalised jurisdiction since the Second World War, which was attained by the skilful handling of significant challenges.
  • The Office of the Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, in recognition of its progress towards achieving a central position in the removal of impunity for war criminals and those responsible for crimes against humanity and also for having overcome a number of challenges in order to obtain a conviction agains Thomas Lubanga Dyilo for the war crime of conscripting and enlisting children under the gang of 15 and using them to participate actively in hostilities from 2002 - 2003.

Prosecutor of the Year Award

  • Marilé van Heerden, South Africa
  • Christian Ndanga Dogoua, Cameroon
  • Kang Song, Korea
  • Jayantha Jayasuriya, Sri Lanka
  • Rashid Ahmine, Mauritius

Certificates of Merit

  • Barbara Brezigar and Steven Pallaras in recognition of their distingueshed services to the Executive Committee of the Association.
  • The Public Prosecution Service of Korea, for hosting the 16th Annual Conference and General Meeting of the IAP in Seoul, Korean 2011.
  • The Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan, for hosting the 6th IAP Regional Conference of Central and EAstern and Central Asia in Astana, Kazakhstan, October 2011.
  • The City of the Hague, for hosting the 12th Europen Regional Conference in the Hague, The Netherlands, February 2012.
  • UEFA, for co-hosting a seminar on Sports Fraud in Nyon, Switzerland, November 2011
  • The High Prosecutors Office and the Prosecutors Association of Chinese Taipei, for hosting the 8th Regional Conference of Asia Pacific and the Middle East in Taipei, Chinese Taipei, April 2012
  • The Office of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions of Quebec and the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, for hosting the 2nd IAP Regional Conference of North America and the Caribbean in Quebec, Canada, May 2012.
  • The Prosecutor General of Buenos Aires for taking part in the partnership and administration of the IAP Spanish Language Sister Website.
  • The Director of Public Prosecutions of Mauritius, for hosting the 2nd African and Indian Ocean Regional Conference in Mauritius, August 2012.
  • Han Moraal, for offering great support to the GPEN initiative and for hosting the 1st GPEN Conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in November 2011.

Certificate of Appreciation

  • Sirisak Tiyapan, for his great support and friendship during many years and his ability to maintain continuity of support from Thailand
  • Camille Rochette, in recognition of her significant work on the development of the AIPPF and for the translation of IAP Newsletters into French
  • Carlos Donoso Castex for translating the IAP Standars for Security and Protection into Spanish.