2011 Seoul, Korea

Medal of Honour:

  • Nicholas Cowdery, in recognition of his contribution to the peursuit of justice through his longstanding and unwavering support of the International Association of Prosecutors and the pursuit of its objectives and standards as an unifying force for prosecutors worldwide; for his vigorous defence of the independence of the prosecutor and the public interst and his commitment to the protection of human rights and adherence to the just rule of law.

Honorary Members

  • Harm Brouwer, former Chairman of the Dutch Board of Procurators General
  • Sir Alasdair Fraser, former DPP for Northern Ireland
  • Jørgen Steen Sorensen, Former DPP for Denmark
  • Joon Gyu Kim, Former Prosecutor General of Korea and Vice-President of the IAP
  • Fikrat Mammadov, former Prosecutor General and now Minister of Justice, Azerbaijan.

Special Achievement Award

  • Dame Elish Angiolini QC, former Lord Advocate for Scotland. In recognition of her achievements in the field of criminal justice both nationally in Scotland and internationally. In special recognition of her unique achievements as Solicitor General and Lord Advocate in Scotland from 2001 - 2011 durin which she demonstrated a commitment to independence and impartiality and a dedication to the pro motion of equality and diversity and introduced improvements in the quality of prosecution and the treatment of victims.

Certificates of Merit

  • The Dutch Board of Procurators Generals for hosting the 15th Annual Conference and General Meeting of the IAP, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2010
  • The Association of Public Prosecutors and Deputy Public Prosecutors of Serbia for hosting the 6th IAP Central and Eastern European and Central Asia Regional Conference, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010
  • The Attorney General of Lagos for hosting the 1st IAP African Regional Conference, Lagos, Nigeria, 2010
  • The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions of Bermuda for hosting the 1st North American and Caribbean Regional Conference, 2010
  • The City of the Hague for hosting the 11th European Regional Conference, The Netherlands, 2011
  • The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia and the Indonesian Prosecutors Association for hosting the 7th IAP Asia Pacific and Middle East Regional Conference, Jakarta, 2011
  • Associacao Cearense do Ministerio Publico for hosting the 4th IAP Latin American Regional Conference, Fortaleza, Brazil, 2011
  • The Austrian Association of Prosecutors for hosting the Northern Spring Meeting of the Executive Committee, Vienna, Austria, 2011
  • The Ministry of Justice, General Prosecutor’s Office and the Anti-Corruption Department of Azerbaijan for their work on the new Russian website
  • Resigning members of the Executive Committee: Joon Gyu Kim (Korea); Chaikasem Nitisiri (Thailand); Jørgen Steen Sørensen (Denmark); Josaia Naigulevu  and Richard Rogers

Certificates of appreciation

  • Mr. Carlos Vinicius Alves Ribeira, Brazil for translating the IAP Benefits leaflet and GPEN leaflet into Portuguese
  • Mr. German Garavano, Argentina for translating IAP Benefit into Spanish
  • Mrs. Anne Constantin, France for translating IAP Benefit into French
  • Mr. Adil Abilov and the Local IAP Support Team, Azerbaijan for translating IAP Benefit and GPEN leaflets into Russian
  • Dr. Ali Fadhul Albuainain, Bahrain for translating GPEN leaflet into Arabic
  • Mr. Mohammad Hassan Abdul Rahim Abdulla, Dubai, for translating IAP Benefit leaflet into Arabic
  • Mr. Robert Doyle, Canada for translating GPEN leaflet into French
  • Ms Carla de Carli, Brazil for translating GPEN benefit leaflet into Portuguese
  • Mr. Luis Cevasco and his daughter, Maria Paula, Argentina for translating GPEN leaflet into Spanish.
  • Mr. Cheol-Kyu Hwang, Korea for translating GPEN leaflet into Korean