2010 The Hague

Honorary members

  • Francois Falletti, President of the Association
  • Retha Meintjes, Vice-President of the Association
  • Henk Marquart Scholtz, Secretary-General of the Association

Special Achievement Award

  • The Crown Prosecution Service [England and Wales] – Counter Terrorism Division for being an exemplar for the type of complex and sensitive work which it handles endeavouring to bring those who engage in terrorist activities to justice through trials of the highest standard, while constantly striving to improve its work without forgetting its duty to share its successes with the public it aims to protect

Certificate of Merit

  • The Ukraine Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ukrainian Association of Prosecutors for hosting the 14th Annual Conference and General Meeting of the IAP
  • The Dubai Attorney General’s Office for hosting the 6th Middle East Asia and Pacific Regional Conference 2009
  • The Czech Union of Prosecutors for hosting the 2010 Spring Executive Committee Meeting in Prague
  • The Office of the Prosecutor General of Buenos Aires for hosting the 3rd Latin American Regional Conference 2010
  • The City of The Hague for hosting 10 European Regional Conferences
  • Esther George for her vision in identifying the need for the Global Prosecutors E-Crime Network [GPEN], for being its main architect, for inspiring the support of the CPS to initiate the product and thereafter the IAP to launch it, host it and develop it and for her continuing involvement in GPEN
  • Nicola Mahaffy for her initiative and continuing work on the Prosecutors Exchange Programme
  • Former Executive Committee Members Alasdair Fraser, Ian Grenville Cross, Fikrat Mammadov, Javier Popolo Filgueira

Certificate of Appreciation

  • Gavin Ruxton (ICTY) for his long service as an active and supportive member of the IAP whilst working in the ICTY
  • Marie-Pierre Falletti in recognition for her unwavering dedication to and support of the association¨