2009 Kiev

Medal of Honour

  • Justice Richard Goldstone (South Africa) for his instrumental role in building an international system of criminal justice, his significant contribution to the pursuit of justice under the rule of law and his affirming the important role of the prosecutor in such quest

Special Achievement Award

  • Josaia Naigulevu, former Director of Public Prosecutions for Fiji for upholding the principle of integrity and independence in the face of unwarranted pressure from an unlawful ruling regime.
  • Ronald Bei Talasasa, Director of Public Prosecutions for the Solomon Islands in recognition of the exceptional hardships he has faced in the Solomon Islands especially during the time of the Tension and his dogged determination to continue to act in accordance with principle, even in the face of great personal danger.

Certificate of Merit

  • Alasdair Fraser (Northern Ireland) and James Hamilton (Ireland) for their work as Chairs of the Standards for Protection of Prosecutors working group
  • Knut Kallerud (Norway) for his work and that of his committee in pursuit of the objects of the Association
  • Office of the Attorney General of Singapore for hosting the 13th IAP Annual Conference Oleksiy Baganets (Ukraine) for hosting the fourth IAP Regional Conference for prosecutors from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Ministry of Justice of Cameroon for hosting the Executive Committee in February 2009
  • Resigning Executive Committee member Làszlò Venczl (Hungary)

Thank you Award

  • Evie Sardeman (Netherlands) for her work for the Association