2006 Paris

Medal of Honour

  • Minoru Shikita (Japan)

Special Achievement Award

  • Alasdair Fraser QC (Northern Ireland)for his dedication to the ideals of prosecution in Northern Ireland throughout over 30 years of civil unrest
  • Jan Henning SC (South Africa) for his dedication to the ideals of prosecution in South Africa both before and since the establishment of majority rule
  • The Tokyo Prosecutors Special Team for successfully investigating and prosecuting large-scale Bid-Rigging cases

Certificate of Merit

  • Rosen Dimov (Bulgaria) for hosting 1st Eastern European Regional Conference
  • Dr. Ho Chio Meng (Macao, China) for hosting 3rd Asia and Pacific Regional Conference
  • Office of the Rigsadvokaten of Denmark for hosting 10th Annual Conference
  • Richard Buteera (Uganda)for hosting the Executive Committee meeting
  • Former Executive Committee members Guillermo Piedrabuena, Richard, Ali Nassir Al-Bualy

Thank you Award

  • Guylain Racine (Canada) for the new layout of the IAP Newsletter
  • Professor John Jackson (England) for his work on the IAP publication on comparing the United Kingdom national prosecution services