2000 Cape Town

Medal of Honour

  • Nelson Mandela (South Africa) for his contribution to the pursuit of justice under the rule of law and to the role of the prosecutor in that objective.

Honorary Member

  • Minoru Shikita (Japan)

Certificate of Merit

  • The Prosecution Service of Japan for its work on the IAP Directory
  • Retha Meintjes (South Africa) for her work in the production of the IAP Standards
  • Endre Bocz (Hungary), Daniel Bellemare Q.C. (Canada), Eamonn Barnes (Ireland) and Ye Feng (China) for their hosting of the first four IAP conferences
  • Thomas Burrows (USA)and his working group for the production of the Recommendations for Combating the Use of the Internet to Exploit Children
  • Daniel Prefontaine Q.C. (Canada) and his working group for the production of the Model Guidelines on the Effective Prosecution of Crimes against Children.