Medal of Honour

The IAP Medal of Honour is the highest decoration awarded by the Association. It is awarded to a prosecutor who has exemplified, in the domestic or international context, the key attributes of the prosecutor and more particularly, the qualities of integrity, fairness and professional ethics set out in the IAP Standards and which are expected from a holder of this important office.

It may also be awarded to a person who has made a significant contribution to the promotion of the IAP Standards and to the role of the prosecutor in the pursuit of justice under the rule of law in the domestic or international context.

The Medal of Honour has been presented to the following persons:

  • 2018 - Benjamin B. Ferencz, for an outstanding and unique career started as a prosecutor with his involvement in the Nuremberg Trial - the "biggest murder trial in history", as it was called, at the age of just 27, and his impressive career has continued throughout his life. Mr. Ferencz has become a fundamental voice of international law, of human rights and of peace.


  • 2013 - Robert Morgenthau, for demonstrating, over a career of nearly 45 years, the integrity, fairness and professional ethics on which the IAP was founded, as well has Mr. Morgenthau's remarkable record of successful prosecutions, innovations in managing his office, and courage in taking on difficult cases without regard to partisan politics or special interest.

  • 2011 - Nicholas Cowdery, in recognition of his contribution to the pursuit of justice through his longstanding and unwavering support of the International Association of Prosecutors and the pursuit of its objectives and standards as an unifying force for prosecutors worldwide; for his vigorous defence of the independence of the prosecutor and the public interst and his commitment to the protection of human rights and adherence to the just rule of law.

  • 2009 - Justice Richard Goldstone, Former judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa and currently co-chair of International Bar Association's Human Rights Institute (for his instrumental role in building an international system of criminal justice, his significant contribution to the persuit of justice under the rule of law and his affirming the important role of the prosecutor in such quest).

  • 2006 - Minoru Shikita, IAP Senior Vice-President (for his work over 40 years as a prosecutor and as Chairman of the Asia Crime Prevention Foundation and especially for his international work, both at the UN and in Asia and in planning and working for the IAP).

  • 2004 - Pierre Truche, former Procureur-General at the Cour de Cassation of France (for his outstanding dedication to the work of the prosecutor).

  • 2002 - Simon Wiesenthal (for his work in tracing and bringing to justice Nazi war criminals)

  • 2000 - Nelson Mandela (for his work in the establishment of the South African Constitution and in the creation of the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa)

  • 1999 - Justice Louise Arbour (on her leaving her post as prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia)

Mr. Minuro Shikita ( Japan) 

was awarded the Medal of Honour during the Annual Conference in Paris, 2006.