Welcome to the TIPP website

Trafficking in persons is a complex global problem that requires an informed prosecutorial response. It is an evolving crime with the criminal networks, forms and methods of trafficking and trafficking routes changing constantly. Prosecutors have a key role to play in combating trafficking and it is important that they can obtain the information that will enable them to provide an effective response. It is essential that prosecutors are able to communicate with each other, exchange knowledge and share best practice.

TIPP was formally launched during the plenary session, on Organised Crime and Trafficking in Persons, at the 17th Annual Conference and General Meeting of the IAP, in Bangkok on 30th October 2012. The conference recommended that IAP members contribute to the TIPP platform and that the platform includes good practice on (a) a victim centred approach to Human Trafficking and (b) the advantages of multi-disciplinary task forces.

How to help the IAP expanding the TIPP Network?

If you consider yourself to be an expert on Trafficking in Human Beings please update your personal membership profile accordingly or register yourself through the IAP website (Apply for Membership section).

TIPP has been designed to support prosecutors by providing a forum where can obtain information, make contacts, view training, guidance and best practice enabling them to resolve problems. Its aim is to provide a network for prosecutors and that can enable them to obtain to answer their questions and improve prosecutions.

The platform will provide both a network and a forum which will enable prosecutors to ask questions, inform on new trends and cases, exchange good practice and share problems. There will be a capacity to upload relevant material onto the platform which could include informative documentation or training materials.

It will be managed and coordinated by experts in trafficking in persons and aims to assist prosecutors in all aspects of prosecuting and combating trafficking. This material would only be uploaded after quality control for size and content by the site coordinator.