Granting Program Protocol

Protocol for the conduct of the International Association of Prosecutors' granting program.

Whereas the International Association of Prosecutors is committed to promoting good relations between individual prosecutors and prosecutions agencies and to facilitate the exchange and dissemination among them of information, expertise and experience;

Whereas the Association welcomes prosecutors from all regions of the world to its annual conferences; and

Whereas the Association wishes to assist senior representatives of prosecution services and associations of prosecutors from as many of the world's poorest countries (as defined by the United Nations DAC list) as possible to attend the IAP Annual Conference.

The Executive Committee has adopted the following rules for the operation of the granting program for attendance at the Annual Conference.

  1. The Secretariat will endeavour to obtain assistance from three countries each year to assist with the granting program.
  2. In order to be eligible for a grant, a prosecutor must be :
    1. an individual member of the IAP or a formal representative of an organisational member; and
    2. from a country on the United Nations DAC list; and
    3. a senior member of his/her service or association whose attendance is approved by the head of that service or association.
  3. Support will normally be provided to only one person from any country but, in special circumstances, consideration may be given to supporting others.
  4. Once the preliminary programmes have been sent out, the Secretary-General should contact all those who received assistance at the previous Conference. This will enable him to estimate the level of need for the coming Conference.
  5. The Secretary-General should also contact prosecution services and associations of prosecutors in other developing countries which have shown an interest in the Association.
  6. The Secretary-General will open a file for each year's granting program.
  7. During the Northern Spring meeting of the Executive Committee, the President will ask two members of the Committee to assist the Secretary-General at the Annual Conference.
  8. Once a potential recipient has registered for the Conference, the Secretary-General will arrange to make payment in the most secure way appropriate to the country in which the conference is held and to the effective transmission of the intended benefit..
  9. Payments of funds will be confirmed by a receipt. This will be signed and dated in duplicate by the recipient and the Secretary-General or one of his assistants. One copy will be given to the recipient as a receipt and the other will be filed by the IAP as evidence of payment.
  10. Receipt of each payment will also be recorded.
  11. The Secretary-General will notify the head of the recipient's service or association or, if the recipient is a head of such an organisation, the official to whom he/she is accountable that such a payment has been made.
  12. The Secretary-General will make a detailed return to the donor governments.
  13. The details of the granting program for a given financial year will be recorded in an annex to the annual accounts.
  14. The procedures for operation of the granting program will be disclosed by the Secretary-General to the government of any recipient upon request.