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In Memoriam of Eamonn Barnes


It is with great sorrow that we inform you of the unexpected death of our greatly appreciated Eamonn Barnes on the 2nd of November 2017.  

The IAP community all around the world mourns the passing of an extraordinary personality with genuine concern for universal justice and humanity. Eamonn is warmly remembered as a much respected member of the IAP and also one of the co-founders of our Association, as the 2nd President (1996 – 1999). In 1999 he was appointed as Honorary Member. 

Eamonn began his longstanding career in 1958. Following a period in private practice as a barrister, he joined the Attorney General's Office of Ireland in 1966. On the passing of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1974, Eamonn was appointed as the first Director of Public Prosecutions of Ireland and established his Office in early 1975. He served as Director until his retirement in September 1999. 

Eamonn’s profound vision and continued dedication to the IAP have been essential to the success of the IAP as it has grown as an organisation. To all of us he was a true friend and a mentor. He will be sorely missed but never forgotten. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Eamonn’s children, extended family and friends. May he rest in peace and that we keep him our best memories.

Gerard Jarosch, President of the IAP


“I, along with fellow prosecutors in Ireland and internationally, had the greatest admiration for Eamonn Barnes as a public servant and as a Director of Public Prosecutions. In establishing the role in Ireland he asserted its statutory independence, and adopted the highest prosecutorial standards which we still adhere to today.” – Claire Loftus (IAP Executive Board Member & Director of Public Prosecutions, Ireland)

“I am sure that the inspiration for the IAP came from Eamonn’s personal qualities – the ideas of collaboration between colleagues, assistance to the struggling, sharing of knowledge and experience, improving society, combining to increase positive impact – and, of course, clothing all of that in fun, in the convivial sharing of time and place." - Nick Cowdery (Chair of the IAP Senate & Former IAP President) (please click on this link for Nick’s personal story on Eamonn Barnes)

“He was a real man with open heart and mind and a joyful friend. His contribution to the foundation and promotion of the IAP cannot be forgotten.” - Alexander Zvyagintsev (IAP Vice President, Russian Federation)

“He was a prominent public figure not only for Ireland but for the whole prosecutorial community of the world, being one of the co-founders of the IAP. And we will remember him as an energetic and wise man.“- Yuri Chayka (Prosecutor General, Russian Federation)

“As one of the first Presidents, Mr. Eamonn Barnes stood at the founding of the IAP and always advocated for the promotion of its image and role in the world, as well as sought expansion of the IAP geography.”- Fikrat F. Mammadov (IAP Honorary member and Senator, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan)

“A man equally excellent in his professional competency and in his warm hearted humanity.
He was the right man in the right place to navigate the IAP in its early stormy days.” – Werner Roth (IAP Senator, Germany)

“I have respected him for his long dedication for the rule of law. Especially his contribution to founding IAP should be remembered for long time.” - Nae Hyun Lim (Former Prosecutor General of South Korea)

“His warmth and kindness made us all feel that we were - and are - part of a family. An outstanding public servant.” – Sir David Calvert-Smith (Former Director of Public Prosecutions England & Wales)

“Eamonn was the force and inspiration for the infant IAP and we all owe him a great debt. He will be sorely missed around the world by the IAP family. A great man, our inspirational president and a good friend.” - Barry Hancock (Former General Counsel IAP, United Kingdom)

“Eamonn's passing away means a great loss to the Association.  A real character blessed with an unsurpassed sense of humor.”– Henk Marquart Scholtz (Former IAP Secretary General, The Netherlands)

“Even while dealing with very serious matters, Eamonn always had this shining smile on his face, a clear invitation for sympathy and friendship!  Thanks to that, working with him on the Executive committee was a great pleasure.“ – Basile Elombat (Former Executive Board Member & Member Court of Appeal, Cameroun Nord)

“The outpouring of grief from the IAP family is testament to what he meant to all of us and, especially, to the Association.“ – Salvatore Vasta (Former Vice-President of the IAP Executive Committee and Federal Judge, Australia)