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IAP workshop with new Attorney General and directors of prosecution in Ethiopia


On December 6-7, 2016, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, immediate past President James Hamilton and General Counsel Rasmus H. Wandall, met with the recently appointed Attorney General of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and his senior staff - all organisational members of the IAP - in a dialogue on how to organise a modern, country-wide prosecution service in accordance with Rule of Law and international standards of independent and accountable prosecution services. Lead by James Hamilton and through rich discussions, the workshop covered key topics including:

  • Written regulation and reasoning of decisions
  • Hierarchical control and individual autonomy 
  • Internal governance structures,
  • Leading and supervising police investigation
  • Prosecutors independence and accountability
  • The relationship with the public,
  • Ethics and human rights
  • Specialisation and keeping the institutional knowledge.

The discussions were fruitful and gave the participants a rare opportunity to discuss important issues with an experienced collegue and international authority, and provided the participants with a solid framework for future domestic strategic planning. The two days also provided the IAP with a good insight into the many challenges of implementing international standards. The Workshop was organised in collaboration with JFA-PFE and funded by the Danish Embassy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Please contact IAP General Counsel, Rasmus H. Wandall (gc@iap-association.org) for further information.