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IAP Website in Chinese


This new IAP sister-website will be launched during the 10th IAP Asia & Pacific Regional Conference in Busan, South Korea 5 - 7 April 2017.

When the IAP was created, it was decided to adopt English as the working language of the Association. However, a few years later, some visionary members of the Executive Committee (Daniel Bellemare, Francois Falletti and Fikrat Mammadov) proposed a more future-oriented network expansion strategy, which included the introduction of other languages to the main website of the IAP. They considered this to be the most important tool to grow the network globally.

The first IAP website went live on 16 July 1997, which was a big event for the Association. Through this website, the IAP could reach far more prosecutors globally and raise awareness of IAP's vision, its objectives and activities. In 2001 the IAP launched a French website facilitated by the Director of Public Prosecutions in Canada. A Russian website facilitated by the Office of the Prosecutor General in Azerbaijan followed immediately hereafter. With the support of the Public Prosecution of Dubai, United Arab Emirates an IAP sister-website in Arabic was launched in 2014.

Back in 2011 the IAP Secretary-General received an offer from the Chinese Taipei Prosecutors Association to facilitate an IAP sister-website in Chinese. On the approval of the IAP Executive Committee, this project was activated in 2014. A team of 14 dedicated prosecutors have spent their private time (evenings and weekends) translating the content (text) appearing from the IAP main website into Chinese. This has been a huge and time demanding project, which reached its first milestone, as all text and web-material has been translated and completed for the transfer on-to the new IAP sister-website.

Mid January 2017, the IAP Executive Director, Mrs. Janne Holst Hübner and the IAP IT programmer, Mr. Daniel James Varab went to Taipei to meet with the local web-host team and to perform an in-house training course in the use of the IAP Web Content Management System.

The local team of web masters/facilitators consisted of Chen Wen-chi, Head Prosecutor of Taiwan High Prosecutors Office, Chang An-chen and Huang Wen-chi both prosecutors of Taipei District Prosecutors Office. The Training Course was very successful and the full administration of the new IAP sister-website has consequently been transferred to our colleagues in Chinese Taipei. The Chinese IAP website will be launched during the 10th IAP Asia & Pacific Regional Conference hosted in Busan, South Korea from 5 – 7 April 2017.

During the stay in Taipei the IAP team visited the Prosecutor General, Mr. Yen Da-ho, who is a grand supporter of this project. Mr. Yen Da-ho was very recently elected as the President of the local Association of Prosecutors.

The IAP would like to express its gratitude to the Prosecutor General Mr. Yen Da-ho and the local team of prosecutors for taking on the huge commitment in facilitating an IAP sister-website but also for the very warm welcome in Taipei and the very professional and productive approach to the training. We do not doubt, that this project rest in some very capable hands.

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