Record of nominations under article 8.6 of the IAP Constitution

On behalf of the Executive Committee I am pleased to announce the nominees agreed by the Executive Committee for election to the Executive Committee during the 22nd General Meeting of the International Association of Prosecutors on 13 September 2017, Beijing, People's Republic of China.

 Nominees for Vice President:

  • Nicola Mahaffy, Crown Counsel, British Columbia, Canada (region: North America and Caribbean)
  • Cheol Kyu Hwang, Chief Prosecutor of Busan District, South Korea (region: Asia & Pacific)

Nominees for Ordinary Membership:

For re-election:

  • Runar Torgersen, Senior Public Prosecutor, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Norway
  • Christopher Toth, Deputy Executive Director, National Association of Attorney Generals (NAAG)/ Director, National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute (NAGTRI), United States of America 
  • Mohammed Ahsan, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Denmark

For election (new candidates)

  • Luis Cevasco, Fiscal General, Ministerio Public Fiscal Ciudad Autonoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina 

According to the IAP Constitution (Article 8.6) nominations for election to the Executive Committee may also be made by not less than five of the organisational members or by no fewer than 10 individual members coming from four or more different countries.

I call attention to the fact that such nominations must be submitted to the Secretary-General at least 2 month before the General Meeting at which the election or elections are due to be made. If no such nomination is received, the person or persons nominated by the Executive Committee shall be deemed to be elected.

On this website under the section; "About the IAP/Executive Committee", members can find the "Introduction Package for Executive Committee Members". It’s designed to provide existing or potential committee members with important information about the IAP, its aims and objectives and the way in which it operates. It also gives guidance on what is expected from Executive Committee members in terms of commitment and responsibilities.

The Hague, 28 June 2017

Han Moraal, Acting Secretary General IAP